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About SU Enterprise, Inc.

We are dedicated to providing innovative cost-efficient vehicle-diagnostic solutions.

Our products and services includes:
  • Software applications that operate under Microsoft Windows
  • Interface devices that provides connectivity between PC and vehicle data links
  • Embedded micro-processor applications used for data collection and data generation
  • Vehicle diagnostic system designs and consultation
  • Specialty electronic tools that provide unique service applications
We have a wide range of customers and many are listed in the Fortune 500.

We have been involved in the vehicle diagnostic work since 1993. Our work is the result of expert knowledge in embedded engine control strategy and software. We continue today with embedded engine control consultation with special emphasis on vehicle diagnostic system requirements. Diagnostic system requirements and design require multidiscipline background. Diagnostic systems involve knowledge of on-board vehicle and engine controllers, connectivity to off-board service tools, specially designed service applications, and unique service procedures.

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