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 Overstock Products and Parts

     SU Enterprise, Inc. as a provider of OEM customer specific solutions has many overstock products and parts available.  Please contact us if you have any interest in any of these overstock products and parts by visiting the "Email Us" web-page.

 Overstock Products:

CIF2001 Code Reader ECM Programming Station
CIF2001 Code Reader  ECM Programming Station 
Miscellaneous Data Link and Power Adapters
Miscellaneous Power Adapters  Miscellaneous Data Link Adapters 
EOL Programming Station Flight Recorder
EOL Programming Station  Flight Recorder 
Specialty Harness and Wiring
Harness 1  Wiring 1  Harness 2 
Various Specialty Enclosures and Connectors / Dongles
Enclosure 1  Dongle 1 
Various Customized Specialty Electronics
DPF Monitor  Switch Box 

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