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IC4 Interface Device Repair

Please follow the steps below to assist us to expedite the process.

  1. Please run IC4 Self Test, located in the Vehicle Diagnostics folder on PC desktop

    IC3/IC4 ShortCut

  2. If the IC4 Self Test is able to report the Driver Version, Hardware Version, Firmware Version, and Test Result then please record them and provide them to us while emailing us.  This will ensure a faster response in resolving the problem.

    IC4 Self Test Result

  3. If the IC4 Self Test reports "Unable to find or open the USB Port" for your IC4 USB Interface Device

    IC4 Self Test Unable to Open USB Port

    Please re-test if possible with another PC. If the result is the same then continue to the next step.

  4. Visit the "Repair Request" web-page and fill out the Repair request information.  Please provide as much detail information with regards to the failure mode and/or what software does not work.  We will contact you via email.

    Please ensure you have provided us with your correct return email address. Under most circumstances we are unable to call you direct.

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