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Trouble Shooting & Repair


Issue:   The application software appears to receive data for a little while and then stops.

Please see "Hardware not responding" issue below.

Issue:   "Hardware not responding” or the application software does not appear to receive any data.

  1. Device connected properly?   Please check all cable connections
  2. Software driver installed?   Using the Control Panel, access the Add/Remove Program icon.  See if IC3 or IC4 is available as a program in the list. If no please install using the enclosed CD-ROM or floppy disk that came with the kit.
  3. Did you select IC3 or IC4 as the connection device with the application software?   Please select appropriate device as the connection selection in the application software and select the proper COM or USB port.  Please consult with the application software manufacturer for more information.
  4. Proper voltage is available for powering up the IC3 or IC4 device?   If none of the indicators illuminate please check VBAT on the vehicle diagnostic connector. The voltage should be at least 9 Volts for proper operation.
  5. Is the vehicle's data link operating properly?   Please consult with vehicle manufacturer for proper diagnosis on data link functionality.
  6. Is the PC's or laptop's COM or USB port functional?   Retry with another PC or laptop. If problem persists please contact the place of purchase for further assistance. Please consult with your PC or laptop manufacturer for further assistance if the COM or USB port is not functional.

Issue:   After installing the IC4 driver onto a Windows Vista PC, the IC4 USB isn't being recognized.

Please follow the instructions as provided in the original package.

Issue:   After installing the IC4 driver CD, the IC4 USB isn't being recognized.

For Windows Vista users please follow the instructions as provided in the original package.


  • We need to know the failure mode of the Interface Device before we can assign a Repair Work Order number to you.

  • USB Cable   RS232 Cable
  • The physical USB cable and RS232 cable have braided shielding to protect from external electrical noise thus to ensure a clean data throughput.  Excessive bending, twisting, pulling, or stretching, or being slam by a vehicle door does not constitute normal use.

  • For the IC4 USB Interface Device the physical USB cable repair cost is US$89.50 plus shipping.
  • For the IC4 COM the physical RS232 cable repair cost is US$89.50 plus shipping.
  • Minimum service charge of US$39.50 plus shipping will be incurred for inspecting and checking out the Interface Device.

  • 9 Pin Adaptor   6 Pin Adaptor   J1962 Adaptor
  • Replacement adaptors are available for purchase please visit our Products page.
  • For U.S. Customers, our return shipping is via UPS ground or UPS Next day.
  • We will contact you before we make any repair service.
  • Please select the Interface Device below to continue:
    IC4 Repair        IC4 Repair
    IC4 USB or IC4 COM Interface Device


Please read the accompanying User Guide for Warranty information.

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